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Go Set Ready Coffee's Roasting Basics

Here are some basics of coffee roasting and what roasts we provide you.

From beginning of roast to the end is usually between 8 to 10 minutes.

All Italic words below are found in the picture above.

  • Green Bean – This is what is put into the roaster to be roasted.

  • The bean goes from Green Bean to 1st Crack Starts with heat being applied throughout all phases of roasting.

  • Light Roast - we will start smelling the coffee about 30 seconds after 1st Crack Starts. What we smell is for the lighter undertones of the coffee (flowers and fruits).

  • FYI – Light Roast Coffee has the most caffeine.

  • Medium Roast or City Roast. This happens about 1 ½ minutes after 1st Crack Starts. When smelling this we will be able to smell amazing chocolates, caramel or toffee, depending on the coffee bean undertone flavor.

  • Dark Roast – Between Vienna-Light French and Full French. This happens within 30 seconds of Full City+2nd Crack. This is very fast with very little heat applied and airflow increased.

  • After we decide the coffee bean is done the bean is dropped into a cooling tray to rapidly cool the bean to stop the roasting.

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