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Summer Drinks at Go Set Ready Coffee

It has been way to long since we have written a blog and thought it would be a great time to say hi and hope you are all enjoying your summer so far!

With the warm weather we are all loving our Cold Brew Ice Coffee, Iced Latte's, Iced Tea, Italian Sodas along with our hot brewed coffees and loose leaf teas. Because of our awesome customers we have invested in a Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Maker and can make up to 15 gallons of Cold Brew at a time. We have had fun putting together a list of suggested drink combinations that can be ordered either Hot or Cold Latte's or Cold Brew.

Check out our Updated List!!

Drink List

Flavors you can add in any combination to your Italian Soda's or Iced Teas are;

Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Lime, Pineapple, Watermellon, Peach & Kiwi.

Look forward to seeing you and serving you a refreshing drink - God Bless.

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