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Sales That Only God Can Do Part 2

So we started roasting coffee and doing an ok job at selling single bags here and there. December 2015, Todd started talking to the owner of Benson Bakery about selling it there and he was all for it but he had a large distributor that was providing the coffee and was under a three year lease. After the bakery owner looked into his lease it was up for renewal February 2016, Now we have Go Set Ready Coffee as the only coffee sold at the Benson Bakery, Go God! And there is more!!!

One Wednesday Leslie came home and told Todd "We need more customers" Todd said "They will come.". We went to Bible study that night and after we decided to go to Darold's Super Valu for ice cream. When we walked in the door we ran into a friend of ours saying she wanted to buy some coffee. Todd thought maybe that was God listening to us. Right after that Dave the owner came and asked how the coffee business was going and when we were ready he had a spot for us. We went to look at the space thinking we would get a few rows for our coffee. Dave pointed to the bulk sales area and said we could take over this area....Now that's a answered prayer from God who is listening even when we do not technically pray to Him.

God wants to fulfill our dreams and He wants to team up with us to make things happen.

Todd has added to his prayer list to have 11 companies the same size accounts as the Benson Bakery and Darold's Super Valu. Leslie has added to her prayer list wanting to partner with people and organizations that can use our coffee to help them raise money that will be used to help further education, our community and missions.


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