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All We Can Say Is Wow....

It's been quite the wild ride we have been on since God is in charge of Go Set Ready Coffee. On September 10th we had our Grand Opening and it was SO grand! We got to see some amazing friends and meet new ones. Thank you to everyone who came over.

Because of you, we have been roasting a lot of coffee (kinda stinking up the neighborhood, but we have been told it is a great smell).

We want to annouce that Thursday September 29th is National Coffee Day (like we need a reason to have coffee). To celebrate we are giving away free cups of hot coffee from 8 am to 6 pm aaannnddd with every purchase of 12 ouces of coffee beans or more we are giving double puches on our loyalty cards. Also, along with Caramel a new fall syrup for your Cold Brew Ice Coffee (Pumpkin Spice) starting on Thursday.

Who would have thought God would use an office manager and an aircraft mechanic to create Go Set Ready Coffee.....We have only one thing to say PRAISE GOD!!!

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