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Go Set Ready Coffee's History Part 2

The last blog left you at we decided to roast coffee. Now it even gets better (GO GOD). We started investigating if we could continue roasting from at home in larger quantities and because of many different things it was not option, So we started praying and looking for a building. There were some places and none felt right, Then came "the" building and the owner had bought it in the beginning of November, 2015. Todd and Leslie looked at it at the end of that month and thought it was perfect. (as you can see a few pictures you may not agree,haha). On a Sunday we brought a trusted friend of ours to show him. After we looked at it the three of us prayed for two precise things that would prove that God wanted us to have it. On the next Monday the owner called and repeated those two things that we prayed for ...woo-hoo a true answer from God and Go Set Ready Coffee found a home!!! The end of January we signed the papers and let the work begin. We completed all the necessary paperwork with the Department of Ag to start the permitting process. We have built walls, put in 7 new doors, painted a lot of interior walls and replaced one drop ceiling. We are in the process of tiling about 500 square feet, will be installing fiberglass paneling, another drop ceiling and painting the exterior. This does not include the amazing work our electrician (Goff Electric) and plumbers (Hawley's) have done to this building. FYI, this is just the building side, our next blog will be on our sales side. Hang on we think it even gets better.

We are SO excited and want all to see what God wants to do when we have faith (simple trust) in Him and just ask.

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