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How Does the Fundraiser Work?

GO set, READY Coffee has made fundraising easy.  We supply you with an amazing product to sell, along with easy-to-use forms to help with your money raising goals.   


GO set, READY Coffee will help organize the perfect fundraiser. 

  • We help you select the dates to sell and gather orders.  

  • We will email you a copy of order form to download and print. We will also send a jpeg version so you will be able to share with the sellers as an option to share your fundraiser on social media.  

  • You collect all order forms and payment from participants.

  • Tally the orders and give Go Set Ready Coffee payment for coffee and teas and you keep the profit!

  • We can set up a way for people to order on-line and have it shipped to them.  We will offer free shipping if they order $60.00 or more.  We will provide a link on our website that will go directly to your fundraiser page.  Once you submit your final order, we can deduct from your total due the amount of proceeds that were collected from on-line orders.  We will provide copies of the invoices that were ordered so you can see who supported your fundraiser.  

  • GO set, READY Coffee will fresh roast your order, supplying you with a top-of-the-line coffee that people will love to purchase again and again. (We usually are able to fulfill orders in two weeks)



12 oz bag of coffee for $14.00 ea (you earn $5.00 ea)

12 pk Box of K-Cups are sold at $14.80 you earn $5.00 ea)

Loose Leaf Tea Pouches at $15.00 ea. (you earn $5.00 ea)    

Traditional Fundraising Program

Example of what you can expect to earn with this coffee fundraiser. 

#15 Participants -150 bags coffee, K-Cup boxes or bags of loose-leaf tea sold = $750.00 profit. 

Please email us at or call our shop at 320.314.8444 to start your fundraiser today!

Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee and brewed coffee
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