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All our coffees are hand crafted in our small batch roaster, delivering fresh roasted coffee every time to our customers.


All our customers are important, no matter how big or small. Our business has been built upon relationships, and we strive to carry that value forward as we continue to expand.


We sell great coffee at competitive prices. 

Go Set Ready Coffee's wholesale accounts look like coffee shops, hotels, grocers, churches, boutiques and corporate clients.  We are proud to partner with businesses of varying sizes who share our passion for great tasting coffee.  

We pride ourselves in using excellent coffee beans and maintaining quality control throughout the entire roasting process. In a world that is full of massive commercial coffee companies, we stand apart as a coffee roaster focused on delivering fresh roasted and superior tasting coffee. 

We offer wholesale pricing on our coffee beans or bagged & K-cups to customers that order on a regular basis.  Please contact us to discuss what your needs would be for us to be able to give you a quote on pricing.  

Wholesale Perks

Wholesale customers may qualify for end of month billing after the first month of service.  Current Credit Card will be required to have on file in case of nonpayment.    


Pickup of coffee at our headquarters or delivery of coffee can be arranged. 

Coffee brewing equipment is available for rent and the cost would be added to the coffee pound price.  

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